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MindTap, SAM 2013, Connect: How to register and link your account with Blackboard

Trouble connecting to third party text book software.

Cengage Issues (MindTap and SAM 2013)

McGraw Hill Issues (Connect)

Things to check for: 

1. New student to Cengage, or McGraw Hill, or returning student (ex: had a account at Calhoun)

2. Multiple Cengage or McGraw Hill accounts

3. Pop-blockers must be turned off.  If pop-blockers are not turned off, nothing will happen when you click the course link set up by your instructor or when you click on a module.

4. Register through Blackboard on Athens States website, not on the Cengage or McGraw Hill website.

You must register through a course link within your course in Blackboard (Bb) that is setup by the instructor, or by clicking an assignment or module within that course. This will automatically pop-up your Cengage or McGraw Hill account synced with your Athens State Bb account. It will ask for the registration code at that point, or it will ask you to login to your Cengage or McGraw Hill account and link to Bb and then ask for registration code, if you have never used Cengage or McGraw Hill before.

Note: You create a Cengage or McGraw Hill account (login and password) on the Cengage or McGraw Hill website, but you do not register the product through the Cengage or McGraw Hill website. You register the product in your Blackboard course. 

5. Make sure your Bb account, the classes that you are enrolled in, and your Cengage or McGraw Hill account are correctly associated/synced. 

If you have multiple Cengage or McGraw Hill accounts, the Cengage or McGraw Hill account that is synced with your Bb has to be the one that you use to register Cengage or McGraw Hill products.  You can distinguish the Cengage or McGraw Hill accounts by the email address that you created the account with, and see if that account pulls up automatically when clicking on module/assignment within your Bb.  If an account pulls up with a different email address than the one you are trying to register a Cengage or McGraw Hill product with, the registration code will not work or your class and assignments will not show up in Cengage or McGraw Hill, depending on which order you attempted to register. 









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