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Admissions: How to register for classes

How to Register for Classes




Note: The transcript for the above video is below.

Registering for classes at Athens State is a simple process.  If you are a new student, I recommend contacting your faculty advisor to help determine which classes to take your first semester. If you have made an effort to contact your faculty advisor and are unable to do so, you can contact the Transfer Student Success Center (TSSC). TSSC can assist you with getting pertinent academic information, a first semester class schedule, as well as working with you to get in touch with your faculty advisor.  You can find their contact information at

To Register, login to your Athens State Online account using your Student ID number and PIN.  Click on the Student tab, click Register for Classes, click Register or Add/Drop Classes, select a term, and then click submit.  From this page, scroll down and enter the Course Reference Numbers (the CRNs) of the classes you want to enroll in.  The submission areas for the CRNs are rectangular boxes located on the Add Classes Worksheet.  After you have entered the CRNs, click Submit Changes.

If you do not know the CRN of a class, click on Class Search.  Choose a subject and click Course Search on the following page.  This will display all classes offered for the term.  Click View Sections to view detailed information for the available courses.  From this page, you should be able to determine the correct class to choose for your schedule.  Select a course and click Register.

After you have registered for your courses, you can view your Student Detail Schedule to confirm your selections.  Click on the Student Detail Schedule link at the bottom of the Look-Up Classes to Add page, or click the Student tab, click Register for classes, and then click View Student Detail Schedule.  You can review your schedule and course information from this page.


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