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Java Control Panel: How to Clear Java Cache and Add a Website to the Exception Site List

If you are experiencing Java/Banner issues with Internet Explorer, using Java Control Panel to clear Java cache and add the correct URL to the exception site list should resolve the issue.

To fix the problem:

A: Go to Windows Start Menu, Control Panel, right-click the Java Icon and click Open.

B: Under the General tab in Java Control Panel, click Settings.

C: Click Delete Files... and then click OK.

D: Next, click the Security tab in Java Control Panel.


E: Under the Security tab, click Edit Site List... .


F: Click Add and then type in this URL:  http://asu-banweb1:8888/forms/frmservlet?config=prod8

Once added, click OKApply, and then OK again.


G. To stop the recurrence of the Security Warning pop-up:


Click the Advanced tab.  Scroll down to Mixed code and click the button

next to Enable – hide warning and run with protections as shown below.



H: Next, open Internet Explorer and click Tools.


I: Click Delete browsing history... .


J: Click Delete and wait for IE to confirm it has finished deleting. 


K: If you normally access Banner through a shortcut, use the URL: http://asu-banweb1:8888/forms/frmservlet?config=prod8 and create a new shortcut to replace the one used previously.

If these steps do not resolve the Java/Banner issues you are experiencing, please contact the Help Desk ( or ext 698)

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