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Docsoft: I need to schedule my voice profile recording. What do I need to do?

Docsoft:AV is a powerful software and hardware solution designed to capture a speaker's spoken content in digital audio and video (AV) files. This appliance can be used to automatically generate text transcripts and closed captioning formats, and can be configured to output virtually any text based format using an advanced speech recognition engine to analyze the spoken content within digital AV files.

Using a built-in custom integration with Tegrity, Docsoft can automatically closed caption your previous and future recordings to meet the needs of your students who may require accommodations.

In order for this process to work at an optimum level, we must create a personal voice profile for each instructor who creates video content in Tegrity. Below is what we need from you:

  • A clear audio recording of your natural speaking voice.  A minimum of 30 minutes of straight paragraph reading from a document of your choosing (minus footnotes, citations, page numbers, charts, formulas, etc.) is required.  This can be chapters out of a textbook, articles from the internet, your dissertation, or whatever you feel best represents content from your discipline.
  • A digital file of the text being read.  The document used to read from must be available either as a Microsoft Word file, or as a digital Adobe PDF file (not a scanned image), where each word you read can be imported into Docsoft to create a 100% match of your recorded audio.
  • A printed copy of the text being read.  Please also bring a printed copy to indicate where your reading began, where you ended, and any sections which were not read during the recording.

To schedule your Docsoft voice profile recording session, please Submit a Request with our Help Desk, providing your preferred date and time. You can also attach your Word or PDF file at this same time.  Please note that all recording sessions take place in Waters Hall.

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