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Newline Monitor _ Drawing & Annotating using Autodesk SketchBook

Use Autodesk Sketchbook on the Newline Monitor to create, edit, and share drawings & annotations with online and virtual students



Launch Autodesk Sketchbook - Select Autodesk icon from Windows Taskbar

Autodesk icon

Select Brush - Select desired brush from the Brush Palette

Sketchbook Brush Palette

Draw Images - Use finger or Newline pen tool to draw images, as desired.  Do not write with markers, ballpoint pens, or other implements.

Sketchbook drawing

Adjust Brush Thickness

  • Select Properties tab
  • In Properties tab window, slide scale to desired thickness
Brush Thickness menu

Adjust brush color

  • In Lagoon Menu, press center of color wheel, and hold
  • Slide cursor to color of choice, and release
Color Palette menu

Erase Images

  • In Lagoon Menu, select UNDO arrow to successively delete drawings.  Select REDO arrow to successively resore drawings.
  • Or, select Eraser Tool from Brush Palette.  Use Properties tab to adjust size of Eraser.  Wipe Eraser across the screen to erase.
Autodesk Erase options

Create and Display Layers



Open Layer Tool

  • In Lagoon Menu, select and hold the Tool icon
  • Drag cursor to Layer Editor icon, and release
Layers menu

Select Layer Editor Options

1. Create Layers - Select plus (+) icon to create new layers

2. Draw in Layer - Select Layer window in Editor, then draw in main window

3. Adjust Layer Visibility - Select Eye icon to turn on and off visibility of each layer 

Layer Editor Options

Save Layers as Individual Files



Display Layer - Use Eye icon to turn on layer you wish to save, and turn off other layers

Display layer menu

Open Save Menu - Select CTL + SHIFT + S keys at the same time to open Save Menu

save keys

Select File Options & Save

  • Select JPEG from dropdown menu
  • Type name of file in name box
  • Select SAVE
  • Repeat above steps to save additional layers
  • Transfer files from Newline to your personal jump drive to upload and share later
Save options menu


To view a How-to Video on this procedure, scan the QR code, or click on this link:

Newline video QR code
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