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Respondus: How to download and install Respondus.



Respondus is a software program that is intended to assist instructors with the creation of test questions and pools for their courses.  IT IS NOT THE SAME THING AS RESPONDUS LOCKDOWN BROWSER.

Athens State University has a site license for Respondus.  The software can be used by both faculty and adjunct faculty of Athens State University.

To download and install the Respondus software, please complete the following steps:

  1. Login in to the Athens State University Blackboard System -  Click the “Content Tab” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  2. Select “Institution Content” from the left hand navigation menu.

  3. Click “Software” in the main content window.

  4. Click “Respondus” from the main content window.

  5. Click on Respondus4Campus.exe to save the file to your computer.  Once the file has downloaded, install it on your computer.

  6. Double click the desktop icon to launch the program.

  7. On your first login, you will be prompted to enter and institution name and password.  To obtain this information, repeat Steps 1-4.  Then select the option called Respondus_Installation_Guide.pdf.

  8. Once the PDF opens, the institution name and password will display.  Copy and paste this information into the appropriate areas in Respondus.

At this point, Respondus will be downloaded and operational on your computer.

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