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Blackboard Learn: Retrieving the QEP Rubric Results

For QEP results to be pulled from an assignment, the assignment, the QEP rubric must have been associated with that assignment BEFORE any students have submitted the assignment for grading..  The instructions for obtaining the rubric and applying it to your assignment can be found below at  
For pulling the QEP Rubric results from an assignment using the QEP Rubric, please use the following steps (these steps need to be completed for EACH assignment you wish to pull the results from):

  1. Login to Blackboard and go to the course of which you wish to pull the rubric results from.

  2. Go to the GradeCenter.

  3. In the GradeCenter, locate the column for the assignment which has the rubric associated with it.  Move your mouse cursor over the COLUMN TITLE and click the drop down arrow.

  4. Select Rubric Evaluation Report.

  5. In the “Select Format” drop-down menu, select Excel.  Then, click Submit.

  6. After a short period of time, the system will process the request and you pop-up window will appear and prompt you to Open or Save the File.  Save the File to your computer in an easily accessible location.

  7. Once saved to your computer, rename the file in the following format. There are 5 things to include in the filename, which help the QEP secretary to easily organize the files. Below is a template and an example of how it would look for a research paper assignment in Dr. Ricks’ EH 303 course:

    • Filename Template: [CRN]_[Course Name/Number]_[Assignment]_[Semester/Year]_[Last Name].xls

    • EXAMPLE: 20108_EH303_ResearchPaper_Spr14_Ricks.xls

  8. Then, email this file to

  9. Repeat Steps 1 – 8 for all assignments in all courses that need to be reported to QEP.


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