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Blackboard Learn: Applying the QEP Rubric to a Assignment

The QEP College-Level Writing Rubric can be applied to any writing assignment in a Blackboard course (ex: discussion boards, assignments, essay exam questions, blogs, etc.).  The instructions for obtaining the rubric and applying it to your assignment can be found below.

NOTE: The below steps DO NOT WORK FOR SAFEASSIGNMENT.  To use SafeAssignment with the rubric, you will need to create two submission areas for students and have them submit the paper twice (one as a SafeAssignment and one as a regular assignment).  Then, use the SafeAssignment to just detect plagiarism.  If no plagiarism has occurred, use the rubric to grade the regular assignment submission.

Obtaining the Rubric

The following steps only need to be completed ONCE for each course section.

  1. Login to Blackboard.  In the Organizations section (not the Courses section), locate and click on the organization title ASU Faculty.

  2. On the main navigation menu, click on the button QEP-WRITING RUBRIC.

  3. Click on the file named “ (4.568 KB)” and save it to your computer.

  4. Now that you have downloaded a copy of the rubric to your computer, go to the course section you want to place the rubric into.  Once in the course section, scroll down and on the left hand navigation menu, click Course Tools.  Then locate and click on the Rubrics link.

  5. Select Import Rubric.

  6. Select Browse My Computer and locate the file that was saved in Step 3.  Once selected, click Submit.

  7. Once the confirmation page appears, click OK in the bottom right hand corner.  The College-Level Writing Rubric should now appear in your rubrics list.


Associating the Rubric with an Assignment

The following steps need to be completed FOR EVERY ASSIGNMENT you wish to use the rubric on.

  1. Create a new assignment in the course (or edit one that already exists).

  2. Fill in most of the information as you normally would.  However, under Section 3: Grading, enter your points possible and then roll over the Add Rubric drop down menu and click Select Rubric.

  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, select the College-Level Writing Rubric and click Submit.

  4. IMPORTANT STEP (READ ALL THE WAY BEFORE CLICKING) The College-Level Writing Rubric is based on 30 points.  If you wish to change the total points for the assignment to the 30 points reflected in the rubric, select OK when asked to assign the rubric’s maximum points.  However, if you want the rubric to adjust to the total points you have designated for the assignment (in the example, 100 pts), then click Cancel when asked to assign the rubric’s maximum points.

  5. When the rubric appears in the grading section, roll over the Show Rubric to Students column and select Yes (With Rubric Scores).

  6. Finish setting up your assignment as you normally would and click Submit at the bottom of the screen.  Your assignment will now be updated and ready to complete using the College-Level Writing Rubric.


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