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Blackboard Learn: SafeAssign - Sync System

SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection tool offered by Blackboard.  When using SafeAssign, you will need to re-sync the service with each new class once you have completed transferring the class into the new Blackboard course shell.

To re-sync SafeAssign, complete the following steps:

  1. After transferring your course content into your new Blackboard course shell, go into the new course and select SafeAssign, from the Course Tools link in the Control Panel. (see image below)

  2. Click on SafeAssignments. (see image below)

  3. Click Synchronize this Course. (see image below)

  4. A brief message will appear while the system syncs the tool.  Once you are brought back to the SafeAssignments page, the system will be re-synced.  At this point, you are good to go and need to repeat these steps for every section that includes a SafeAssignment. (see image below)

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