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SoftChalk: Syncing System

SoftChalk is a software used by the university to create dynamic online lessons and modules.  If you created a SoftChalk lesson to integrate into the Blackboard GradeCenter, you will need to re-sync your content once you have transferred your class over.

The following steps need to be completed to sync SoftChalk with your current courses.  These steps will need to be completed for EACH section of the course being taught in the new term:

  1. in the new course, go to Course Tools in the control panel.  (see image below)

  2. Click SoftChalk – Synchronize Copied Content. (see image below)

  3. Click Synchronize.  SoftChalk will then automatically locate all of your SoftChalk lessons and attempt to sync them.  (see image below)

  4. Once complete, you should see a confirmation list displaying all of the SoftChalk assignments in your course.  (see image below)

  5. As long as all lessons have a green check mark, your information is synced and you are good to go.

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