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Blackboard Learn: How to operate the Discussion Board in my Blackboard course.




In some of your Blackboard courses, your instructor may require you to contribute to a class discussion board for a part of that class's grade. As well as completing assignments, the discussions board can also be used to communicate with your classmates and instructor about any questions you may have about the course. 

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To get to your class discussion board, you must first go to your class homepage in Blackboard.



On the left side of the course homepage you will see the Discussions button on the navigation menu. 

When you click on the Discussions button it will bring you to the Discussions page. There you will see all the discussions you will partake in.



The image example above only shows one discussion labeled "Q&A." Everyone's classes are different so there may be more discussions or there may not be any discussions. It all varies on the class and how your instructor modifies his/her course.

Before clicking on the discussion you can see how many posts have been published by your classmates or instructor (labeled under "Total Posts"), how many posts you have not yet read (labeled under "Unread Posts"), and how many of your classmates have participated in the discussion (labeled under "Total Participates").  

To post a response or to view your classmates posts, click on the discussion title, under "Forum," (in the example's case, the title is Q&A). The topic of the discussion or the questions to be answered will be displayed under "Description." 



To post a response to that discussion simply click the "Create Thread" button.



In the "Subject" box you will type the title of your discussion post. The larger box below is where you can type your discussion. If you have your discussion saved as a document, you can upload it by clicking the "Browse My Computer" button. Once you have finished you can either save it as a draft or submit it.


If you ever want to view someone else's post under a discussion, go to that specific discussion's page and click on someone's post.



When you click on someone's post you can reply to their post. Most instructors who grade discussions will require that you reply to other classmates posts.


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