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Blackboard Learn: Using Course Copy - Transferring Courses

NOTE:  Using the Course Copy is the fastest way to transfer an old course into a new shell. However, Course Copy ONLY WORKS if the old course was taught the semester prior to the new course. For example, if you are teaching in Spring 2020 (new course), then you can only use the Course Copy function if you also taught the course in Fall 2019 (old course).


To use Course Copy, complete the following steps:

  1. In Blackboard, in your previously taught (older) course, go to Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel and select Course Copy. (shown below)

  2. In the Course Copy screen, be sure Copy Course Materials Into Existing Course is selected. Then click Browse… (shown below)

  3. In the list that appears, select the New Course that you want the material to be placed in. Then click Submit. (shown below)

  4. The course should now appear under Destination Course ID. Then, click the Select All  button.  Lastly, click Submit.   (shown below)

    NOTE:  If you scroll to the bottom of the screen, double check that the checkbox titled Include Enrollments in Copy is NOT selected.  You should NEVER include enrollments with your course copy.

  5. You will be sent back to the Utilities and Packages screen where a green message should appear. An email will be sent to your Athens State email account when your course has been copied. (shown below)

  6. Go into your new course and see if your materials and information have transferred. If it doesn’t look update, click the Refresh button. (shown below)

 NOTE: Some maintenance (such as re-arranging your course menu) will need to be done.

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