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Respondus Lockdown Browser: Server Connection is blocked.

Respondus Lockdown Browser server connection is blocked -

If you receive the following error message in the Respondus Lockdown Browser: "Update server is not supplying information, or the connection to update server is blocked. Please try again later." this is a good indication security settings or another application is blocking access to the Respondus servers as LockDown Browser starts up.

LockDown Browser must be able to access the Respondus servers to obtain the login information for your school's learning management system login page.

Please verify LockDown Browser can access the following domains at start-up:

These domains need to be added as "Trusted sites" in security settings on the local computer.

To add domains to your browsers "Trusted sites":

Mozilla Firefox: Tools, Options, Exceptions

Internet Explorer: Tools, Options, Security, Trusted sites, Sites

Chrome: Menu icon, Settings, Show Advanced Settings link, Change Proxy Setting, Security Tab, Trusted Sites, Sites

If your problem persists and the deadline for the exam is near, we recommend using LockDown Browser on another Windows or Macintosh computer. This will also help to determine the scope of the issue being with your personal computer or a broader issue that needs further investigation.

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