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Outlook: How to delete emails from your Outlook account.

If you receive a message saying your mailbox is almost full, it is because you are reaching the 2GB limit for your mailbox. Your mailbox includes all folders you have in Outlook, including the deleted items. Follow the instructions below to free up space in your mailbox. 

1. First, click on inbox and go through your emails. Select and delete any you don't need.

2. Click on the arrow beside your inbox to display any folders you have created.

    Go through each folder and delete any unneeded emails.


* Reminder: Everything that has hit your email account in the last several years is archived at, so you don’t have to worry about losing messages.  It is accessible on and off campus at the same address. 

3. Once you have moved unwanted emails to the deleted items folder, you must empty your deleted items folder. Right click on deleted items, and select "Empty Folder".


When you empty your deleted items folder, you only remove messages that were displayed in that folder at that time. You could have many more messages on the sever that count against your allocated space. 

4. Once you have emptied your deleted folder, look for a small line that says "Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange". Clicking on that line will populate the rest of your deleted items in the folder. Then, you will be able to go in and delete the rest of the messages you no longer need. 



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