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Email: (Students) How to setup Office 365 email on an Android tablet.

Office 365 Account on an Android Tablet

Students and Adjuncts

The exact steps for email setup may vary between Android versions. In the example below, A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running Android 4.0.2. is used.

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Accounts and sync

3. Tap Add account

4. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

5. Enter Your Office 365 email address and password

6. Tap Next, and Android will retrieve your account information

7. When the Remote security administration dialog box appears, tap OK



From the Account options screen, you have the following options:



Account options settings may vary, depending on your version of Android.

Keep in mind that the more frequent you set email and calendar synchronization, scheduling and email retrieval size will impact your data plan and/or need for a Wi-Fi hot spot.


  1. Tap Next, and Android will validate your account options.
  2. When the Activate device administrator? dialog box appears, tap Activate
  3. From the Set up email screen, type a name for the account and the name that you want displayed to email recipients
  4. Tap Done to complete the email setup

After completing this setup, you may have to wait 10-15 minutes before you can send and receive email from your Office 365 account.



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