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Browsers: Installing Windows Media Player Plugin in Firefox

To play Windows Media Player in Firefox, you need the Windows Media Player plugin installed.

Note:  Even if you already have Windows Media Player installed, you may still be missing the plugin required to play back Windows Media audio and video embedded in web pages.

Installing the Plugin

  1. Go to the plugin download page on Interoperability Bridges.
    • The Interoperability Bridges page also contains more detailed installation instructions.
  2. Click "Download Now" You will be prompted to save a file.
  3. Save the file to your desktop.
  4. Once it has downloaded, run it, and the plugin will install.
  5. When the installation has finished, close Firefox:
    • Click the menu button New Fx Menu and then click Exit Close 29

  6. When Firefox has completely closed, start Firefox up again.
  7. In the Location bar, type about:config and press Enter.

    • The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise! to continue to the about:config page.
  8. Search for plugins.load_appdir_plugins
  9. Double-click plugins.load_appdir_plugins to change its value to true.
  10. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and then click Exit Close 29

    . When you restart Firefox the plugins will be enabled.
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