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Argos: How to uninstall the new version of Java and install the older version to work with Argos.

Uninstall Java and reinstall to work with Argos.

  • Click the start   button a the bottom-left hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Control Panel



  • Select Programs and Feature as shown above

  • Select the Java program to uninstall and then right click and select Uninstall.
  • If you have not uninstalled the older version of Java from your computer and you can see it in Programs and Features list, then you are done.
  • If you uninstalled the older version, when you installed the new version, then you need to go to the website below and download and install the first Java 7 update 65. When you go back to the Argos site it will ask you to update Java. Check don't show this again and click Later. Enable and Run Java when the Java box appears. 





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