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Adobe: How to sign a PDF form.

How to sign a PDF

  1. Open the PDF.
  2. Click the Sign icon in the toolbar on the top to open the Sign pane. You can also click Fill & Sign on the Toolbar located on the right of your screen.



  3. The fields that you can add a signature to automatically highlight a blue color:


  4. Click the Sign icon  in the toolbar and then choose if you want to add your signature or just your initials.


  5. If you have already added your signature or initials, you can just select it from the Sign options and click the area in the PDF where you want your signature or initials.

    If you are signing for the first time, you will see the Signature or Initials panel:


    You can choose to type, draw, or import an image for you signature. Once you add a signature or initial, they are saved for use in the future.

    Type: Enter your name into the field. You can change the signature style by clicking to view other styles.
    Draw: Draw your signature in the box by clicking and holding the left mouse button and then dragging your mouse to sign.
    Image: If you have your signature saved as an image, you can browse your PC to upload the image.

    If you want to save this signature for future use, make sure you have "Save Signature" checked.


    Click Apply, and then click where in the PDF you want to place the signature or initial.

  6. If you want to move or resize your signature, just click it to highlight the blue box and then drag it where you need it to be. To resize, you will click the blue dot in the bottom right corner to drag the signature to the size you need it to be.




 To email the form:

  1. Click on the email icon.

  2. The Send Email box will appear. Choose "Default email application (Microsoft Outlook"). click on continue.


  1. Your Outlook email window will open with the PDF attached. fill in the To and Subject boxes. Send your mail.

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