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Office 365: Download and install Microsoft Office 365 for Windows

Navigate to the Athens State e-mail sign-in page.

Sign in with your Athens State University email credentials.


After successfully logging in to your email, locate the Office 365 app launcher in the upper left corner of the screen to the left of the word Outlook. It will look like a square composed of 9 dots.


Clicking the App launcher shows the Office apps you can use online.


Click the Office 365→ link.

This will take you to your Office 365 home page. Look for the Install Office button near the upper right.


Clicking the button will give you 2 new options. Click Office 365 apps.


If the setup does not start automatically, you may need to locate and run the OfficeSetup.exe file – likely in your default download folder.


An instructional screen will pop up. These are the basic installation instructions.


You can close this screen and minimize your browser. The download may take some time depending on your internet connection speed and strength. The file is approximately 1.8GB.


You’ll know the download and installation has begun when you see this screen.


This screen may disappear from your desktop, but as long as you see the orange Office ‘O’ in the taskbar the installation is still processing correctly.


Once the system is ready, the full download will begin.


This will take some time. Once the installation is complete, you will see the following screen. Click Close.



You can now find the Office apps in your Start Menu. They should each be labeled as New.


You will now need to activate your Office license. Open Microsoft Word either by locating it in the Start Menu or by clicking the Start Button and typing Word.


Opening the app for the first time may take a moment. You will see the loading screen.


You should welcome screen. As long as your Athens State Email address is displayed, click Continue.


Confirm that you Athens State email address is correct on the login screen and click Next.


Enter your Office 365 password (your Athens State email password.)


You may need to approve the sign in via the security measures you previously setup in your email – text, phone call, alternate email, security questions.


In order to have all of the apps licensed, you will need to check the box here and click Next.


The device will register with your account.


Once you see this screen you have completed activation and can click Close.


You will then be presented with the licensing agreement. Read the information in each link and if you agree, click Accept.


You will then be presented with Privacy Notification screen. Read through the links and when you are finished click Close.

Afterward, you will see the Word backstage area. You should see your initials and first name at the upper left (as well as other places on the screen.)


This is where you can change the background and theme (colorful, white, and dark themes) of your office programs. This will match in all programs in the suite. You can also check for updates in this area. Office 365 is constantly updated with security fixes and new features. It will randomly check for updates on its own, or you can have it do so manually by clicking the Update Options button.


You are now ready to setup Outlook to receive your Athens State emails.

This tutorial is only meant for those who have successfully installed and activate the Microsoft Office 365 suite using the instructions above.


In the Start Menu, locate Outlook and open it.


Upon opening, Outlook will search your computer for existing Microsoft Accounts.


If you successfully registered Office in the steps above, it will find your Athens Email account. Click Connect.


Enter your Email/MS365 password in the pop-up and select the Remember my Credentials box. Click OK.


Once your account is added successfully, you can click Done.


You will be taken to your Outlook inbox.


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