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Blackboard Learn: Resetting an Exam

When teaching a course that uses online exams, you will inevitably hit a situation where you may want to reset and exam for a student.  These situations may include items such as a student's computer crashing, the test not properly displaying, the test not properly submitting, and more.  As the instructor, you must make the judgment call as to whether or not the test should be reset.  If you need help investigating the situation, contact the Athens State Helpdesk at


Resetting the Exam

Assuming you have decided to reset a quiz or exam, complete the following steps below to clear out the old, corrupted exam:

  1. Login to the course and go to the GradeCenter.
  2. Locate the cell in which the exam you want to reset is located.  The cell should be at the intersection of the Exam or Quiz (column) and the student (row).
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow located in the CELL.  Then, select View Grade Details from the drop-down menu (see images below).

  4. On the Grade Details page, you should see the attempt in question.  Verify the student and the test at the top of the page.  If you have the correct student and exam, click Clear Attempt (see image below).

  5. On the confirmation menu that appears, select Confirm / OK / Yes.  (NOTE: Once you confirm that you want to clear the attempt, the information on that attempt is deleted and no longer accessible)
  6. Check the GradeCenter again.  The cell should be clear and the test should be accessible by the student again (assuming the Due Date for the assignment has not passed).
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