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Minimum student technical skills for an online course.

Each course is designed and developed using different technologies and teaching methodologies.  The list below details general skills required of students taking an online class at Athens State University.  

For more information related to specific technical skills for a specific course at Athens State University, please contact the instructor or course anchor for the class.

General Technical Skills Required for Online Courses:

  • Reading and writing emails (including use of attachments)
  • Creation and manipulation of commonly used computer products (word processor, spreadsheets, presentation software, etc.)
  • Downloading and installing computer software
  • Searching and deciphering information on the Internet
  • Use of the Learning Management System (ex: Blackboard)
    • NOTE: For more information on how to use the Learning Management System, please view the Blackboard Orientation course in the Organizations section of Blackboard once you login. 
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