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Delete Apps On Iphone: Step by Step Instructions


Deleting Apps Directly from the IPhone/IPad Home Screen

Let's say you want to delete Candy Crush from your iPhone/iPad. Great as the game might be, it's seriously addictive and is eating away all your productive hours.

Step 1

Locate the app on your home screen. Don't open it; just find where it is located. Normally, to open an app, you have to tap the icon. Instead of doing that, press the icon and hold down for a few seconds.



Step 2

You will notice that all the icons on the screen will start 'wiggling' and there will be a tiny 'X' mark.



Step 3

A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to delete the app. Hit the icon which says 'Delete' and the app will be removed from your iPhone. Note that you won't see the 'X' mark for official iOS apps which are built into the system (Camera, Mail, Face time, etc.)



Step 4

Press the Home button and the icons will stop wiggling. The screen will go back to the normal minus the app you just deleted. All is right with the world again.


Method 2: Deleting Apps from Settings

In this alternate method, you can delete apps directly from your iPhone's settings. The advantage here is that you can see how much space the app was hogging up.

Let's say we want to delete Plants vs. Zombies, Again, a great game, but even more addictive than Candy Crush. Instead of fighting the urge to spend hours killing zombies with peashooters, we'll remove the game altogether from our iPhone/IPad.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1

Tap the 'Settings' on your home screen. This will look like a cogwheel. It should open automatically to the "General' Tab. Tap on the 'Usage' Button.



Step 2

The Usage tab shows a list of all the apps installed on your device and how space each consumes. You can also see the amount of free space you currently have on your device and in your iCloud account. you may have to tap 'Show all Apps' to see the app you want to delete.

Step 3

Tap on the app you want to delete. You should now see a screen showing the app's full name, version, and disk usage. You will also see a button to 'Delete App'. Tap this button.



Step 4

Once again, iOS will ask if you want to delete this app permanently. Choose 'Delete App' to remove Plants vs. Zombies from your device.


Congratulations, your phone is now free of all apps you wanted to be free off















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