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Excel: Enabling Excel to open QuikPay report files.

Enabling Excel to Open QuikPay Report Files

Nelnet Business Solutions has identified three different methods for enabling Excel to accept and open online-generated files following the recent Office update, released July 12, 2016.

Important Note: Both Option 1 and Option 2 are one-time changes, while Option 3 will require users to go through the process each time they attempt to open a downloaded report from QuikPay.

Option 1: Microsoft Excel Settings change

Step 1:  Open Microsoft Excel

Step 2:  Go to File menu and select Options

Step 3:  Select Trust Center and click the Trust Center Settings button

Step 4:  Select Protected View and uncheck the 'Enable Protected View from files originating from the Internet' check box.


Option 2: QuikPay Settings Change

Step 1:  Open and log into QuikPay using Internet Explorer

Step 2:  Go to Settings and select Internet Option

Step 3:  Select Security and click on the Trusted Sites button

Step 4: Type into the 'Add this website to the zone:' field and click the 'Add' button

Note:   After the website is successfully added, any browser can be used.



Step 1:  Download the XLS fileOption 3: Unblock Individual Files

Step 2:  Right Click and choose Properties

Step 3:  Click the 'Unblock' button

Note:    This option needs to be performed for every file.








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