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Email: (Students) First Access for New Students.

NOTE: The above video takes you through the steps outlined below.


When at Athens State, your Athens State email account is an important tool that you will use throughout your time here. Professors, advisers, and other professionals here at Athens State University will expect you to have your account set up and ready to use.  If you have a different email account that you prefer, you still need to check your Athens State email or set up some kind of forward rule to your other email.  All of our systems tie into the Athens State Email, so if you don’t check it, you’ll miss out on important communications from the university and your professors.

So how do you access your Athens State Email Account.  First, start by finding your Username, which is your full Athens State email address, in the Letter of Admissions email that you received from the university when you first enrolled.  Also, you’ll need to have your student ID number which can be found in the same email. The password for new students is an uppercase “A” followed by your student ID number.

Once you have your login information, pull up an Internet browser, and in the address bar, type in This will take you to the Office 365 login page. Although you can easily access the email login screen by visiting the Athens State University Homepage, you may want to bookmark for quicker access.  Enter in your username and your password and that should get you into your email account.  Remember that when you login for the first time, you will be asked to change your password, so be sure to use the new password you select when accessing your email in the future.

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