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Email: (Students) Moving Clutter Messages into Inbox

Outlook (Office 365) has a feature where it knows your preferences in terms of reading emails and which you have as a low priority. Some emails you may choose to ignore and delete once you receive them, this causes Outlook to move messages into your Clutter folder. This Clutter folder is often a good place to look if you are missing emails.

  • To begin this short process, go to the left-hand menu on your screen inside of your Outlook account and find the Clutter folder.

  • Once there you will need to find the email from the user or company that you would like to move from Clutter back into your mailbox.
  • When you find the email, hover your cursor over the date and time of the email as shown below. This will bring up two icons, a "trash can" to delete the message and a "bell" to move it to the inbox. Click the "bell" to move it to your inbox.


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