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Degree Works: Overview of DegreeWorks

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Registration is opened up and you're trying to decide what courses to take? How do you know what to sign up for? I saw a class that looked interesting, but will that class count towards my graduation requirements and now that I think about it, how close am I to graduating, and what specifically do I need? These types of questions pop into every student's head, and fortunately you have a tool that can answer them, and that tool is DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks is essentially your quick look at your comprehensive map towards graduation.  Commonly referred to as your Plan of Study. It shows you things like which classes you've taken, which courses transferred in, where each one counts, and which classes you still need. It also shows you items like your current GPA, prerequisites for the classes that you’re looking at, when classes are offered, and your grades for all the classes that you've completed. Need to know how close you are to graduating? It can show you that to. Does your major have other requirements? There’s likely a checkbox for that to. Thinking about changing your major?  You can use the what-if feature and the system will show you how a change in major or adding a minor would affect your time to graduation. Have you always wanted to take that photography class? Whether or not it counts towards your graduation just enter the course number in DegreeWorks, and it will tell you if and where it can satisfy a graduation requirement. DegreeWorks gives you the power of planning out your academic future and puts it into your hands. For more information on DegreeWorks, including how to access it and begin using its many features, you can visit http// Once there click on the tutorials link, and then view the information under the course for the student section. You can also reach out to the Student Success Center for information on which classes to take, and how to better utilize DegreeWorks. Information can be found on their website at









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