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LiveText Student Registration

LiveText Student Registration

  • Go to and click on the PURCHASE/REGISTER tab at the top of the LiveText homepage.

  • Click the Select This Option button under the Register Membership

  • The registration form opens below. Step 1: Choose your role and Select the radio button for Student.

  • Step 2: Enter the 16 character key code that was provided to you.

  • Step 3: Register Your Student Membership. Please complete your profile to the best of your ability. Name, Date of Birth, and Institution and Personal Email Addresses are required fields. Use your SCHOOLS email address in ALL email fields.


  1. Step 4: Create Your LiveText Membership Account. You will be prompted to create a unique username and password. When creating a username, the name will be compared to all LiveText users. If you receive the message "username is already taken", you will have to modify your username.
  2. Select a security question from the dropdown menu. This may used in the username/password recovery process. Your security question ANSWER must be different than your security question HINT. For instance, if the answer is "SPOT" -- the hint could be "starts with S." Select the Terms of Service check box and click the Register My Membership Account button to complete the registration process.

  • Account Activation complete. After successfully completing the registration process, LiveText will display this screen with your newly created username and password. your login information will also be sent to the personal email address provided during account registration.




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