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Blackboard Learn Overview



NOTE: The transcript of the above video is below.


As a student at Athens State University, Blackboard is the learning system that you will use for your online classes, and for submitting coursework. Essentially, where Athens State Online is how you register for the classes Blackboard is where you will participate in and complete your classes. You will log into your Blackboard account to gather information about your instructor, the class, interact with your instructor, and classmates. You will also find your course content, announcements, resources for the class, video descriptions, instructions for your assignments, and exams. Blackboard also provides the areas to submit your papers, projects, and other course work, as well take and submit quizzes and exams. Blackboard is an account that you log into nearly every day. Logging into Blackboard is easy. You can navigate to the login screen by going through the Athens State homepage or simply type in You may want to bookmark for quick and easy access in the future. Once you're at the login screen simply use your Athens State email address as your username.

Make sure that you are classified as an active student. If you can't login to Blackboard, to gain active status you must first enroll in classes for the upcoming term. Then the term that you have enrolled in has to officially begin, so as a new student you may not be able to log into Blackboard until the semester that you have signed up for officially begins. Sometimes this is a week or so before classes start. So, you should check the academic calendar on the Athens State home page just to be sure what the start date of the semester is. 

Now, with those notes being said, let's log in to Blackboard and see what we have. the user interface for Blackboard it's pretty simple and straight forward. You'll see tabs up in the upper right-hand side of the page. The My Course tab is where you'll spend most of your time. After clicking on My Courses your classes will show up in a box labeled My Courses, and although typically this is at the top center of the page it may not always be located there, so be sure to search for the My Courses title. Click on the course title of any of your courses to activate the link and open up the class. Once you're inside it you will see a vertical navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. You can click on any of the links in the navigation bar to display the work and work your way through the class. The content found on the links will appear in the center of the page after being clicked. You can go through each of the links, read and view the content that your instructor has loaded for the class. Now to get back to the navigation page, so you can access your other classes, you simply click on the My Courses tab again up on the top, then you can click on another class and go and look around that one as well.


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