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Creating Your Livetext Portfolio

Before you read this article, make sure that you have registered for LiveText.

 When you register for Live Text:

  1. Register with exactly the same name as you are listed in “ASU Online”.

  2. Use your Athens State email.

  3. Do not use the three zeros of your student ID (just use the last five numbers).

  4. Choose your college of study (i.e. Business, Education, Arts and Sciences)

Once you are registered, follow these steps to create a portfolio.

1. Click "Login," and enter your username and password.


2. Once logged in, click on “Livetext Docs”.


3. Click on “My Work” tab.

4. Click on “New” button (has green plus sign).


5. Once you click "New," a list of portfolio types will come up. Find the portfolio you will use. Your professor should provide this information to you.


6. Click on green “Create Document” button.


7. Type in the title box “YOUR NAME” and “portfolio”. (e.g. John Smith Portfolio)


8. Click on the “OK” button. Your portfolio will appear with the classes listed that require a Livetext submission.

*Properties can be changed for colors or fonts and you can select a style.

*On the right you will see an edit button.  This is where you will attach your assignments.  You can also add other information or pictures.  Remember this is a professional portfolio you are creating to share with potential employers highlighting your education and work history.

*You can add new tabs using the “Manage Pages"


*To access the portfolio in the future, it is listed under “My Work” under “Livetext Docs” tab.

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