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Submit An Assignment In LiveText

1. Log into your LiveText account.

2. Locate the assignment on your Dashboard. If not current term, choose term from drop down list under “View Other Terms”.



3. Click on the corresponding Begin Assignment button.


4. Review the assignment details.

5. Click on the Attach button to open the Attach Resources to Assignment window.



6. Select the checkbox next to the title of any LiveText documents which are to be attached to the assignment.

7. Click the File Manager radio button to view files from the File Manager. Select the checkbox next to the file names of any files which are to be attached.

8. Click the upload button to begin uploading files from your device. Click the button which is located beneath the text “Browse your computer to upload.” Note: This button may appear as a choose file button or as a browse button depending on the web browser which is being used. In the pop up window which appears double click the icon of a file from your device’s local storage. Repeat step 7 as needed to attach more external files.





9. Click the attach button to attach all selected items to the assignment.


10. Any uploaded files or LiveText documents you have previously attached to this assignment for submission will appear under Assignment Submission across from Attachment List. If you would like to remove an item you have selected, click the beside the file or LiveText document that you don't want to submit for this assignment.

11. In the Comment box, enter an optional comment which the instructor of the course can view after the assignment has been submitted.

12. Click the submit assignment button to submit the attached files to this assignment.


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