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Add An Assignment To Your LiveText Portfolio

1. Log into Livetext account.

2. Click on "Livetext Docs”.

3. Click on “MyWork” tab.

4. Click on your portfolio that you already have set up (see our article on Creating a LiveText Portfolio to complete this).


5. Scroll down to the specific course assignment.

6. On the right is a button called "Edit"-click on this button.


7. Click on "File Attachment" tab.

8. Click on "Upload New File" button (has green plus sign).



9. Click on "Choose File" and click on assignment so it is correct file name in the file name bar, then click "Open."




10. When the Choose File box disappears and the “File Attachments” box is again visible, click on button at right side of screen labeled "Save Changes".


11. When the upload is complete, the name of the file will appear directly below the course assignment name.

12. Repeat from step 5 for additional assignments.

13. When done, click “Save & Finish”.


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