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Blackboard Learn: Retrieving a Course Archive

In general, at the end of a semester, the faculty member is expected to archive their course(s) and download a copy of their gradebook. This allows for the faculty member to transfer the course to future terms. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Athens State University Knowledge Base.

However, certain situations occur when course archives become lost or corrupted.  In these situations, Academic Technology Services tries to maintain a backup copy of all courses previously taught at Athens State University.  If you need to have an old course archive pulled and inserted into one of your courses, please fill out the form on the link below.  Filling out this form will send the necessary information to our system administrators so that they can retrieve your archive as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Although Academic Technology Services tries to maintain a repository of archived courses, there have been occasions where a the backup copies have been lost or corrupted.  Thus, using this option should be looked at as a last resort.  If an archive cannot be retrieved, the faculty member will be responsible for re-developing the course.

Course Retrieval Form

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