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Banner 9: FAQ's

Banner 9: FAQ's

1. Question: Can I click on the tabs at the top of the page or do I have to use the arrows to navigate on the page? 

Answer: Either method is completely acceptable.


2. Question: When you zoom in and print, does only the zoomed in part print? 

Answer: No, it prints the entire page.


3a. Question: Can I still use F3 to print a schedule from the key block of TASAPAY?  

Answer: Yes, F3 is still valid to perform that task.

 3b. Question: Can I still use F10 to print a schedule from the key block of SFAREGS?

Answer: Yes, F10 is still valid to perform that task.  


4. Question: If I collapse sections and leave the page, will the sections still be collapsed when I return to the page?

Answer: No, all sections will be re-expanded every time you visit the page.


5. Question: When you zoom in (Ctrl +)  or out (Ctrl -) on a page, will it stay that way on all pages?

Answer: Yes, since you are actually using the web browser, zooming in or out the on the page will actually stay that way, not only for all admin pages but any other sites and pages you visit.  You may use Ctrl 0 to reset your browser back to the normal zoom percentage of 100%.


6. Question: I can’t see my select button. Where did it go? 

Answer: You may have the menu panel expanded, which is taking up space on your page.  If so, click the menu icon (top left icon) to collapse the menu panel.


7. Question: Can I still customize my background colors in Banner 9 like I do in Banner 8?

Answer: Unfortunately, this option did not carry over to Banner 9.


8. Question: Will my access be the same in Banner 8 as Banner 9? 

Answer:  Yes, access carries over between the two versions.  If you have access to a form in Banner 8, you will access to the corresponding page in Banner 9.


9. Question: Will my “Recent Folder” contain my recent pages after I log out and back in? 

Answer: No, the “Recent Folder” only has the pages recently visited during the current session of Banner 9. Once you log out and back in, the folder will be empty until you visit  Banner 9 pages again during the new session.


10. Question: If I make a change on a record and do not save it, can other users change the same record?

Answer: Yes, the other user can update the record and the original’s user’s pending changes will be overwritten.


11. Question: How do I access Banner 9 off campus? 

Answer: You will continue to use the VPN for Banner 9 “Staff” access just as you do for Banner 8 “Staff” access.

12. Question: What are my login credentials?

Answer: You will log into Banner 9 using your network credentials. ID: Athens State email address, Pswd: Network password


13. Question: What browsers may I use for Banner 9?

Answer: While Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all work with Banner 9, Chrome is our browser of choice.  Internet Explorer DOES NOT work with Banner 9.


14. Question: Banner 9 Authentication Error?

Answer: See Banner 9 Authentication Error article.


15. Question: How to duplicate a record on SAAADMS?

Answer: The steps to duplicate a record on SAAADMS are:

Insert Record (F6)

Key new Term Code

Copy Record (F4)


16. Question: I have a frozen screen in Banner 9. What should I do?

Answer: If your screen freezes and you are unable to "Close" your page, "Start Over" or "Sign Out," try the following:

Reload/Refresh your page by:

1. Press the CTRL button & F5 button simultaneously.

2. Press the CTRL button and Refresh icon on your browser menu.

If the above steps don't work, clear your cache and try using Banner 9 again.


17. Question: How do I filter by date in Banner 9?

Answer: See 'Banner 9 Filter by Dates' attachment at the bottom of this article.



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