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Installing TechSmith Capture

To begin recording videos using Knowmia, you will need to download and install TechSmith Capture on your computer.  You can download the recorder on any computer you use.  Therefore, if you use a different computer at home and at the office, you can install the recorder on both machines.

You will only need to install the recorder one time on each computer you use.  After the initial install, you will only be prompted to launch the recorder when creating videos.  The Recording a Video in Knowmia instructions explain how to do that.

For now, to download TechSmith Capture on a new computer, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Login to Knowmia by going to  From the login screen, click on the “Record” button located in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.  (see image below)

 Step 2: In Knowmia, click the Launch Capture button.


Step 3: The Launching TechSmith Capture website opens. If TechSmith Capture has not previously been installed, click the Download button.


Step 4: After the download is complete, double-click the .exe file (Windows) or the .dmg file (Mac) in the Downloads folder.


Step 5: After you have installed the application, click Launch Capture again on the Knowmia website. The TechSmith Capture application launches. 


Step 6: Upon successful installation, you should receive a message that the process is complete.  Go back to Knowmia and click the “Close” button if the window still appears.  (see image below)

NOTE*When you first install the new recorder on a machine, you will need to logout of Knowmia and sign back in so it can sync.  This needs to be done with all new installs.  After the first initial install, you will not have to log in and out again.



Step 7: Click on the person icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and select “Sign Out”.  (see image below)



Step 8: When you have logged out of the system, click “Sign In” and complete the login process until you return to the initial login page as seen in Step 1. 


Step 9: When on the login screen, click the “Launch Capture” button again.  (see image below)



Step 10: This time, when the launch window appears, you may be prompted to open the Knowmia Recorder.  If so, go ahead and open the software.  If you are not prompted, click on the “Relaunch” button to launch the recorder.  (see image below)



Step 11: Once the recorder appears on your screen, the process is complete and you will be able to record videos from your computer.  (see image below)


Please remember that once the recorder is installed on a computer, you will not have to install it again to record in the future.  These instructions are intended for a one time install of the Knowmia Recorder.  Once the recorder is installed on a computer, you can easily record videos by following the instructions.


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