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Adding a Knowmia Video to a Blackboard Course

Step 1: Go to the Blackboard course where you want to add the video.  Within the course, navigate to the area where you want the students to access the video.  Once in the area you want the video to be placed, hover over the "Tools" option in Blackboard and select "TechSmith Knowmia".  (see image below)



Step 2: Name the TechSmith Knowmia item (video) and add a brief description, as preferred.  It is a good practice to add descriptions in both Blackboard and Knowmia.  This can be done by copying and pasting the text from one area to the other.  (see image below)



Step 3: Scroll down to adjust the additional options.  If you are grading the students on whether or not they watch the video, select Yes, and enter the total points assigned for the video. For more information on grading videos, review the Grading Knowmia Videos instructions.  Otherwise, the remaining options are standard options on Blackboard items.  Once done, scroll down to click “Submit”.  




Step 4: The item is placed at the bottom of the area in Blackboard, so you may need to scroll down to see it. Click on the title of the item. 



Step 5: Once clicked, you will see an LTI launch screen.  This screen will automatically change once connected to Knowmia.  This may take a few minutes depending on how many videos you have in your library. 


Step 6: Once the system connects, you will see your folders and any videos in your Knowmia Library.  Locate the video you want to add to the class, and click the Add Media option. 

Note: If the video is located in a folder, you can click “Open Folder” to view the videos within a folder. Once you have located the video you want to add, click Add Media.



Step 7: To confirm if the Knowmia video has been correctly linked, navigate to the course area selected in Step 1, and click on the Knowmia title (video) created in Step 2. This is the same view students will get. If you are seeing the video, it has been correctly linked.

Note: When in Blackboard, you can adjust the location of the video link you created as you would any other item created in Blackboard.



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