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Grading Knowmia Videos

If you want to require your students to watch videos you’ve created or uploaded into Knowmia, you can set the system to give a grade to students based on activity within the video.  When setting a grade on a video, you have to options on how the video is graded: 

  1. The video is graded on the percent of the video watched (i.e. 10 pts for the video means that if a student watches 50% of the video, they will get a 5 out of 10 on the grade)
  2. The video is embedded with quiz questions and the point value is evenly distributed among the questions (i.e. 10 pts for the video and the video has 5 questions embedded, then each question answered correctly gives the student 2 out of 10 points on their grade)

Currently, points must be distributed evenly among embedded questions.  The system doesn’t allow for different point values to be assigned for individual questions.

NOTE*:  The instructions below focus on embedding questions in your Knowmia video(s).  If you wish to go with the percentage watched grading option (Option A), please refer to the Adding a Knowmia Video to a Blackboard Course instructions and pay particular attention to Step 3.  If you mark a video as graded following that process and DO NOT embed quiz questions, the video will automatically be graded using the percentage watched grading option (Option A).  If you decide to embed quiz questions, you will still need to follow the Adding a Knowmia Video to a Blackboard Course instructions, but then you will need to complete the following steps as well.

NOTE*: You can still embed questions on a non-graded Knowmia Video.  Simply leave a zero in Step 3 of the Adding a Knowmia Video to a Blackboard Course instructions, yet also complete the Steps below.  That will add questions to a video without them being graded.

NOTE*: Pay special attention to Step 10.  If you do not save your work, it will be lost.  The quizzing feature DOES NOT automatically save.


Step 1: Login to Knowmia by going to and entering your login credentials.


Step 2: When in Knowmia, click the video on which you want to embed questions.  Once you click on the image, the Video Preview / Edit screen should appear.  (see image below)



Step 3: Click “Quizzing” on the left of the menu located beneath the preview of your video.  Once you have clicked it, you will see an “Add Questions” button appear beneath the menu.  Click “Add Questions”.  (see image below)



Step 4: Once you have clicked “Add Questions”, a second preview of your video will appear in a pop-up window.  Scroll to the bottom of the window.  You will see a time bar underneath the window.  When you move your mouse over the time bar, you will see a timestamp appear.  Click at the point in the video where you want to place your question.  You can also click the triangle to play the video so that you can pause it at the exact moment you want your question to appear.  Once you have the timer exactly where you want the question to appear, click “+ Add New Question”.  (see image below)



Step 5: You will get a notice informing you that you cannot move the question once you have created it.  The only way to adjust where questions appear in the video is to delete the question you created and then create a new question in the correct spot.  Click “OK” to proceed.  (see image below)



Step 6: You can select the type of question you want to create by clicking the Question Type title located above where you input the question text.  All question types count for grading EXCEPT Free Response.  Free Response does not calculate into the video grade and must be reviewed by the instructor manually.  (see image below)

NOTE*: For information on creating the different types of questions, please see the Knowmia Question Types and Feedback Types instructions.



Step 7: Add the required information to your question.  If you decide to use feedback, you can select an Action that occurs if the students get the right or wrong answer.  For more information on providing feedback on questions, please see the Knowmia Question Types and Feedback Types instructions.  (see image below)



Step 8: If you would like to add a second question TO THE SAME POINT IN THE VIDEO, you can click “+Add New Question” underneath the question you just created.  However, if you are done creating questions or would like to add another question to a different spot in the video, proceed to Step 9.  (see image below)



Step 9: If you would like to add additional questions to the video, repeat Steps 4-8.  If you need to edit a question you have created, click on the “Q” notation located on the video timeline.  (see image below)



Step 10: Once you have completed creating all of your test questions (or if you would like to save your progress), scroll to the top of the video and click “Save Quiz”.  Once you get a green “Success!” message, your quiz is successfully saved and embedded on the video.  (see image below)



Step 11: When you are done, simply click the X to close the window and return to Knowmia.  (see image below)



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