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Adding Folders Versus Individual Videos

Knowmia allows you the ability to add individual files to a course or to add an entire folder of videos at once.  Additionally, if you add a folder of videos, every time you create a new video in that folder within the Knowmia system (not using the shortcut via the LMS), the video is automatically added to that folder within the course as well.

One important thing to keep in mind is that videos added via an Knowmia folder cannot be marked for grading.  Hence, if you want students to receive a grade for watching a video or answering questions on a video, you need to add the individual videos to the course.


When to Use a Knowmia Folder

In general, you will want to add Knowmia folders when new material will be consistently added to the course throughout a given semester AND that material will not be graded or have mandatory viewing.  The common examples used in these situations are announcement videos, general supplementary information videos, and reviews of homework or other such items. 

One thing to remember as well is that Knowmia videos copy over automatically with your course from semester to semester.  Therefore, if the content you are using in your video is specific to a certain class, you will need to make sure you delete the folder once you have transferred it into a new course (otherwise the students in the new course will see the videos from the previous course out of context).  For example, if you make a brief video to clarify some statements made in a discussion board every week, you will want to delete those videos as inevitably the new section of the course the following semester will have different discussion board content created since the students are creating it.  If you leave your old folder in the course, your videos will be discussing items that may never even be brought up in the new course section.


How to Add a Knowmia Folder

When adding a Knowmia folder, you will follow the same steps you do for to add an individual videos to the course.  The difference occurs in Step 6 where you added an individual video.  Rather than clicking on “Add Media” for a specific item, you will add one of your folders by selecting “Add Folder” as shown below.



Once the folder has been added, you can add additional videos to the course automatically by populating the Knowmia folder in the Knowmia system (  There is no way to add additional videos to the folder using the LMS – it MUST be done through the Knowmia website.  Once on the website, you can record new videos by following the Recording a Video in Knowmia instructions.

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