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Trimming a Video in Knowmia

After you have either created a video in Knowmia or uploaded previously created media, you will have the ability to trim parts of the video directly in the system.  To do this, follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Login to Knowmia by going to and entering your login credentials.


Step 2: When in Knowmia , find the video that you want to edit.  Once you have located the video, click on the thumbnail of the video to enter the View / Edit Video area for that individual video.  (see image below)



Step 3: Once in the View / Edit Video area, scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Click the “Edit Video” button below the preview of the video.  (see image below)



Step 4: Click the “Edit a Copy” option.  This will create a second copy of the video for you to edit so that you still have your original copy if needed in the future (you can delete this video after the editing process if you are satisfied with the outcome).  Once you click the button, you will see a “Copying media…” message appear.  This message may remain on the screen a few minutes depending on the length of your video. (see image below)



Step 5: Once your video is copied, you will be taken to the edit screen.  On the screen, adjust the green and red tick marks in the timeline by clicking and dragging them to the desired location (either the fine-tuned one directly under the video or the overall timeline at the bottom of the screen).  The blue area between the tick marks is the area that will be deleted.  Once you have the tick marks set appropriately, click “Cut” and the portion you selected will be deleted. (see image below)




Step 6: If at any point you make an error and need to start over, click the “Restore Original Video” button in the lower-left of the screen.  If you are satisfied with all of your edits, click “Publish” to save your newly trimmed video.  (see image below)



Step 7: You will then get a “Publishing Video” notice.  This message may remain on the screen for a few minutes depending on the length of the video.  (see image below)



Step 8: Finally, you will get a message stating that “This media is being processed”.  At this point, you can close the browser or navigate to another webpage and continue working.  Your video will appear ready in the My Library area when the processing is completed.  Depending on the length of your video, this step may take a few minutes to complete before appearing in the My Library area.  (see image below)



Step 9: Once your edited video is in the My Library area and you have reviewed it, you can delete the original video from your library.  Additionally, if you have created some folders in Knowmia, you can now take the newly edited video and move it into the appropriate folder.

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