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Getting Started with Knowmia (Students)

Athens State University uses TechSmith Knowmia for basic video capture and course video storage.  Faculty and students are encouraged to use the system throughout their coursework and when working with others at Athens State University.  

In order to use Knowmia, you will have to have an account setup in Knowmia.  These accounts should be automatically set up.  When you view your first video in Knowmia, if you are prompted to login, you may need to complete the registration process by completing our TechSmith Knowmia Registration Form.  Once completing the registration form, instructions will be sent to you on how to complete the registration process.  

If you are able to view a video without being prompted to login to Knowmia, then you account has already been set up and is active.

For more information on how to use various elements of the Knowmia system, please view the articles below:


Preparing to Record Presentations:

Uploading Pre-recorded Media:

 Submitting Videos to Instructors:


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