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Enabling Guest Access for a Course

Guest access in Blackboard allows for individuals not registered for a course to view material that you make available.  This is beneficial for students to see items such as the syllabus and required materials prior to registering for a course.

To set up guest access in Blackboard, complete the following steps:

  1. In your course, under Control Panel, select Customization > Guest and Observer Access (see image below)


  2. Make sure that Allow Guests is switched to “Yes”. Click Submit.  (see image below)


  3. Guest Access is only available for Course Menu items. Click the drop-down arrow on a navigation item you want to allow guest access on.  Then, click “Permit Guests”.  (see image below)



NOTE: If at any time you want to remove Guest Access, click the drop-down arrow on the navigation item that is allowing Guest Access and select “Remove Guests” or repeat Steps 1 – 2 and change Allow Guests to “No”.  (see image below)


  1. All items within the menu item that allows guests will be visible to guests. If you wish to hide certain items from guests, set release dates on the item so it is only available at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Once completed, login on a separate browser and double check your course through Guest Access to make sure only the items you want to be visible are visible.

Guest Access can carry over in a Course Copy.  However, you will need to double check that you have selected “Course Guest Access” when selecting the copy options.  This option is NOT checked by default, so be sure to scroll down and select it – even if you clicked “Select All” at the top of the copy options.  (see image below)



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