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Previewing Items in a Course Using Guest Access

Items which an instructor has made available using Guest Access can be viewed by students prior to the start of the semester.  To view whether or not a course has items available for preview, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Athens State Blackboard login page at

  2. Click on "Browse Catalog" underneath the Preview Courses section.  (see image below)


  3. Type in the name of your course and click Go.  If you only know the course number (ex: ED 520 - be sure to leave out the space between the ED and 520 when searching), then click the drop down and select "Course ID" before clicking Go.  (see image below)


  4. Any courses meeting your search criteria are populated at the bottom of the screen.  Courses that have a link under the Course ID have content that is available for preview.  Courses that are regular text have not been enabled by the instructor to allow previews.  If your class has a link, click on the Course ID link to enter preview mode on the course. (see image below)


  5. Items on the main navigation menu that are available for display will be visible.  You can click through the items.  Be aware that more items will be available on the course after the semester officially starts if you are enrolled in the course.  Also, be aware that items such as the syllabus and schedule are subject to change up until the start of class.  (see image below)

NOTE:  Remember that preview mode is ONLY for gaining a feel of what the course will be like.  Instructors maintain the right to change any element visible in preview mode until the first day of class.  If you have questions about which items will remain after the start of a course, ask the instructor.  Also, if an assignment or activity are available in preview mode, any scores made in them will be purged at the start of the semester, so do not attempt to complete those activities.

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