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Getting a Relay Video Link to Submit to an Instructor

After you have created a video in Relay, there will be times where you will need to submit a video to your instructor or to a classmate(s) for review.  To do this, you will need to get a link to the video you have created in TechSmith Relay.

NOTE*When sharing videos, you, your classmates, and instructor will have to login to Relay to view using their or email address to be able view the video.

To share a video you have created, complete the following instructions:


Step 1: Login to Relay by going to and entering your login credentials.  If you have not set up your login information, you can do that by viewing the instructions here.


Step 2: When in Relay, find the video that you want to share.  Once you have located the video, click on the thumbnail of the video to enter the View / Edit Video area for that individual video.  (see image below)



Step 3: Once in the View / Edit Video area, scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Click the “Share” button above the title of the video.  (see image below)



Step 4: Click the “Get a Link” option. (see image below)



Step 5: In the window that appears, click “Copy”.  This will allow you to go into your email or other application and paste the link to the video.  (see image below). 



Once you have copied the link, you will need to go into your Blackboard course and submit it in the appropriate submission zone.  Different instructors may have different ways they want the link submitted, so be sure to follow all of the instructions given in Blackboard. 

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