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Recording a Video in TechSmith Knowmia (Students)

Certain classes will require you to create a student presentation in the form of a Knowmia recording.  The following instructions will describe how to record a video in Knowmia.  These instructions also assume that you have already downloaded and installed TechSmith Capture on the computer you are using.  If you have not installed it, please view the instructions at Installing TechSmith Capture to complete that part of the process.


Creating Videos in Athens TechSmith Knowmia

Step 1: Login to Knowmia by going to and entering your login credentials.


Step 2: Once logged into the site, click the Launch Capture button in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.  TechSmith Capture should automatically launch (although you may have a pop-up notice asking you if you want to allow it to launch).  If it doesn’t automatically launch, click “Relaunch” in the message that appears. (see image below)





Step 3: When TechSmith Capture launches, you will see an option whether or not to use a webcam. In Capture, you can only use the webcam or the screen capture at any single point of time; however, you can toggle back and forth between the two.  Once you have selected your webcam options, click the red “Record” button or press Shift + F11.

NOTE*Currently, Knowmia does not have an ability to test your microphone’s volume or whether or not it is working.  It is recommended you make a quick five second video, which you can delete later, to test your audio.


Step 4: You will now select the part of your desktop to record.  If you have a program open, Capture will automatically try to attach itself to various parts of the screen by hovering your mouse over them.  Simply click the mouse when you have selected the window you want to record.  If you want to record a custom segment, click and hold your mouse button and drag the square over the section you wish to record before releasing the button. (see image below)



Step 5: Once you have selected the recording area, the recording bar will appear on your screen.  This gives you a final opportunity to select a camera and microphone.  Clicking the partial circle with an arrow on it to the left of the "X" will allow you to re-select the portion of the screen you want to record.  When ready, click the red circle to record.  (see image below)



Step 6: You will see the portion of the screen begin to countdown starting from 3.  When it reaches zero, the recording will begin.  (see image below)



Step 7: Record your video.  Anything within the selected area will record.


Step 8: When you have finished recording your video, click the gray square on the recording bar.  (see image below)



Step 9: After clicking the stop button, you will be given a preview of your recording.  You may review this preview before proceeding.  Clicking "Cancel" will abort the process and allow you to start over.  Clicking "Upload" will send the video to Knowmia.  (see image below)

NOTE*: You should be able to hear your recording in the Preview as well.  If the sound did not record for the preview, check your microphone and redo the video.  This is another reason to always do a small test video first.



Step 10: After clicking Upload, you will get a message that your file is being finalized.  Do not close your browser or the recorder until you get the message stating “Upload Complete”.  After the upload is completed, click on “Go To Video” to view the video on Knowmia.  (see image below)



Step 11: After clicking “Go To Video”, you will be taken to the video editing area.  This is where you can change the name of the video, add a brief description, and add it to a folder in your Knowmia Library if you have created a folder.  When you have made your edits, click "Save".  (see image below)



Step 12: Once done, you will receive a green message saying your video is saved.    (see image below)



Step 13:  Your video can now be found in your library.  You can now begin recording another new video whenever you are ready.


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