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Uploading Pre-Recorded Media in Knowmia

If you have created a video outside of Knowmia or in another program and would like to upload it into Knowmia, you can do it by completing the instructions below.  
Types of Media Formats for Uploading:  The types of media files that can be directly uploaded are .mp4, .wmv, .avi, and .mov.  Please see TechSmith's Supported File Type Guide for more information.


Step 1: Login to Knowmia by going to and entering your login credentials.

Step 2: When in Knowmia, click on the “Create” button in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.  In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Upload Media”.  (see image below)

Step 3: When the Upload Media window appears, you can either drag-and-drop your media from your computer into the box outlined by dashes or click on the “Select Files to Upload” button.  If you drag-and-drop your media, skip to Step 5.  (see image below)

NOTE*: If the media doesn’t seem to work or be recognized, click the “View Media Requirements” link in the bottom-left corner of the pop up window and double check that the file you are trying to upload is an accepted media type.

Step 4: Locate your media on your computer.  Select it and then click “Open”.  If desired, you can select multiple videos at once.  (see image below)

Step 5: Your media will now begin uploading.  You will see the progress of your upload indicated by gray dashed lines behind the name of the video.  Once the video is uploaded, you will see the gray lines turn green as the video is processing.  (see image below)

NOTE*: DO NOT shut your computer off or let it go into sleep mode while the files are uploading or processing.  The computer shouldn’t be shut down, put into sleep mode, or the browser closed until you get the confirmation notice shown in Step 6.

Step 6: Once your video has processed, you will get a solid green bar behind the video name with a check mark on the right hand side.  Click the “Close” button at this point.  (see image below)

Step 7: You should see your media appear in your library.  It may take some time for the screenshot of the video to appear.  However, as long as the video shows up in the library, it is ready to go.  Click on the video to double-check that it has successfully uploaded.  (see image below)

Step 8: If your video appears in the Knowmia Player, you are ready to go.  Depending on the length of the media you uploaded, you may have to give it a few minutes to appear in the player.  (see image below)





Reverting Back to Older Versions


Restore a video to the original, uncut version:

  1. Open the video in the editor and click the red button that says Restore Original Video.

  2. Click Publish.

Please ​note: Restoring the original video will not restore captions, quizzes, or video analytics.



Restore a video to a previous state:

Open the video in the editor, then manually restore the clips you want by opening and deleting any individual cuts.







Video Editor FAQ


Why don’t I see the Edit Video option?

The Edit Video option only appears under videos you’ve added or copied to your own media library. Videos linked from YouTube cannot be edited, and in order to edit someone else’s video, he or she would have to give you ownership of that video.

Will I need to re-share my video after I edit it and publish a new version?

If you edit the original video, the URL will remain the same and any LMS links will remain intact. If you edit and publish a copy instead, that copy will have it's own unique URL, so you may need to re-share the new link and/or update any links in your LMS. 

Should I edit a copy or the original video?

If your goal is to remove mistakes or misinformation from your video, and you don't mind losing quizzes, captions, or analytics, edit the original so that you don’t have an outdated video in your library. If you want to make an alternative version of a video that has less information, make a copy and edit that instead.

What’s the difference between 'Save' and 'Publish'? 

Saving your changes stores unpublished edits with the file, but does not publish a new version of the video. If you re-enter the video editor, you should see your existing edits. To commit your changes for others to see, you will need to publish the video.

Can I undo changes I’ve already published?

You can always access the video editor on any video you own and restore the original video; however, the undo stack is cleared every time you publish. So, if you’ve published a video several times, you cannot revert to just any previous state. You can work with the current version to remove previous edits, or restore the original and recreate any necessary edits.

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