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Techsmith Relay: How to caption videos.

Video: How to Caption Videos in Relay


To caption a video in Relay:

  1. Log into your Relay account.
  2. Select the course folder
  3. Open a video
  4. Toward the bottom of the screen you will see a “Closed Captioning” link. Select it.
  5. Select “Select an Action” > “Generate Captions”.

The captions will take a few minutes to generate. When Relay is finished generating the captions you will receive an email from Athens State University Techsmith Relay.




  1. Select “Go to the Caption Editor” in the email.
  2. Select “Publish” (You have to select Publish for the captioning to work.)
  3. Now you are ready to log into your course in Blackboard and create the link to the videos by selecting "Tools" > "Techsmith Relay".
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