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Phone: How to download the Shoretel Communicator software.

1. To download the Communicator software: Open your browser > Copy and Paste the   Address in blue into the Address: Bar: 

2.  Select the link Click Here to install ShoreTel Communicator


3. Save the setup file to your computer. Default save option is usually Downloads Folder.

4. Find the setup file you downloaded and double click it.


 5. Click on next:


6. Accept the terms in the license agreement, then click next.

7. Click next, then click next again, then install, then finish after the install is completed.

8. Open the ShoreTel Communicator by clicking on the Icon on your desktop:


9. Click Next:


10. Enter as the server name.

11. Enter your user name: First letter of your first name capitalized and your last name, first

 letter is capitalized, your six-digit password: If you do not know your six-digit password or

your 4-digit pin voicemail password, please contact the Help Desk and specify which

password you need to be reset, your 6-digit password or your 4-digit password for your 

voicemail. You will then receive an email with instructions for logging in with the reset   



12. If you want ShoreTel to open when you open Outlook then check the option below.


13. Click finish. You have now installed and configured the ShoreTel Communicator.

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