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Banner 9: How to access Banner 9 off campus

How to Access Banner 9 Off-Campus via the VPN


  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser from the desktop
  2. Navigate to the VPN Login page at
  3. Input your Active Directory credentials
    1. Username:
    2. Password: Password used to login to Banner 9, Computer, and email
  4. Click Login



5. Acknowledge any prompts 


6. Click the ASU Network link in the My Resources list


7. Acknowledge any prompts 




8. Do nothing with the Network Connector message box. The box will go away once your connection is established and a message will pop-up indicating that you are now connected to the Barracuda Network Connector.


9. Once you have successfully established a connection, launch either a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser from your desktop and navigate to the Banner 9 pages Login URL at


  1. Visit the Athens homepage at
  2. Click the I Am Faculty or Staff button
  3. Click the Banner 9-Staff Login link in the Campus Resources section of the Faculty & Staff page


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