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How to Create Banner 9 Desktop Shortcut

1. Right click on an empty space on your desktop to open a pop-up menu

2. Click New

3. Click Shortcut

4. Type the Banner 9 URL( ) in the Type the location of the item: field

5. Click Next


6. Name the shortcut

7. Click Finish to create the shortcut icon on the desktop

 The Banner 9 shortcut will now be available for use from the desktop.


Please note that steps 8 thru 14 are only required if wanting to change the icon image of the shortcut.


8. Right click on the shortcut icon to open the pop-up menu


9. Click Properties

10. Click the Change Icon button in the Web Document tab

11. Double click an icon from the list

12. Click Ok

13. Click Apply

14. Click OK




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