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Phone: Setting Up Voicemail on your ShoreTel Phone

To set up your voicemail on your ShoreTel phone, you need to:

Dial Voicemail:

  1. Lift the handset, press the # sign and wait for the phone to dial voicemail.
  2. At the prompt, enter the voicemail default password – 1234 (ONLY FIRST TIME LOGGING IN) and the # sign.

Change your password: After initially entering the default password, you will be

prompted to change your voicemail password. You will need to enter the new password


  • To change the password after the initial setup, press 4 from the main menu.

Record your name: Next, the system will automatically prompt you for your name. Say

your name and press # sign to accept it.

  • To change the name recording after the initial setup, press 6 from the main menu.

 Record your voicemail greeting: The voicemail greeting is the message that callers hear when you are unable to answer your phone and the call routes to your voicemail so they can leave a message. For instance, “Hi, I’m not available to take our call right now….”

  •  At the voicemail main menu, press 7 and then 1. Record your greeting and press the # sign to accept it or follow the prompts to re-record.

Enable envelope information: This tells you the date and time that a voicemail was left at your extension.

  •  At the voicemail main menu, press 7 and then 5 to enable envelope information.

 Forgot Password: If you have forgotten your ShoreTel Phone Voicemail password, please call the Help Desk @698 or enter a ticket by going to: and request for your voicemail password be reset to the default.

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