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Blackboard Ally: Course Accessibility Report

Athens State adopted Blackboard Ally in 2017 to assist us in identifying our accessibility areas of concern within Blackboard Learn.  For the past two years, you’ve gotten accustomed to seeing the green, yellow & red accessibility indicators next to each piece of content you’ve added to your Blackboard courses which indicate the level of accessibility for each piece of content.  But in order to locate and correct these accessible gaps, you’ve had to navigate your entire course section-by-section to locate each one — until now.

We are pleased to let you know that Blackboard has recently released an update to Ally which will allow you to visit a centralized overview within your course to find these accessibility indicators, called the Accessibility Report.  Your Accessibility Report is located in your Control Panel immediately under the Course Tools link:


Upon clicking on this option, you will see a report similar to the following image specific to the course you are teaching:

This report will allow you to quickly locate the areas which need your attention for correction, starting with the highest severity indicators (red).  Clicking on each row in this overview will take you to a more details breakdown of each issue which you can correct one by one as before.

The goal here is, of course, to deliver more accessible instruction to every student, especially those who require alternative formats of your content:


If you need further information about Blackboard Ally, you can visit Blackboard’s Ally Help page for Instructors here: -- or please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

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